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The enormous support in online poker

Makes more marketable to investors and gamblers. Despite the sanctions in other countries, but legally, online gambling is legal in United States at an individual level and in some other countries like Costa Rica, UK, Netherlandsand some parts of Asia who owns online poker in 50 countries worldwide.

To bring light to the doubters but are having thoughts whether to play or not, here are questions and answers you might want to think over download game qiuqiu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is online poker legal?

A long old questioned that was answered numerous times. Yes, it is legal. There are countries that opposes but generally, it is legal.

What is Unlawful Internet Gambling Prohibition Act (UIGEA)? What does it has to do with legality in US?

This law was signed under Pres. George Bush criminalizes those who are offering online gambling services to the US citizens. However, it has no effect in the legality of playing online gambling as an individual. The reinterpretation of Wire Act later justified when is it right or wrong that all forms ofinternet gambling is illegal.

What is regulated and unregulated porker market?

Regulated poker market is a regulated market under thestates that legalizes playing online and local poker sites following a duly regulated monitoring and condition of the government’s implementing rules. Whereas, unregulated market are offshore market outside the United States and doesn’t have to necessarily follow US laws.


Is there a difference between online poker and live poker game?

Online pokers like download qiuqiuare virtual video games using a tracking software while live pokeris a real poker game with lower wager and an easy game.

Can I trust online poker sites with my money?

Yes, always look for reputable sites that are in fact many right now compared to the previous years. And it is always right to be cautious when transacting online.